I do this because I enjoy the satisfaction of helping men explore and enjoy themselves without guilt or shame.

For any man to properly practice “self love” it is essential that he is both aware and somewhat comfortable with all aspects of himself , including his “shadow. Once he is able to address and accept his true natures of desire, he is much more likely to be a mentally healthy, self aware and fully integrated human being. It is true that many people are raised with strict, fearful, or limiting belief systems that inhibit self expression, prohibit specific acts, or forbid the pursuit of some desires. Learned behavioral patterns, family upbringing, Societal norms, cultural expectations, religious and/or educational institutions, the root causes are endless. Whatever the case may be, we all possess a part of ourselves that we hide from the rest of the world. Sometimes we live in fear of rejection, or persecution because of our “unacceptable” desires or thoughts.

Some individuals are so out of touch with themselves, the concept is simply too overwhelming to acknowledge. I mean after all where would you start such an inward journey of self exploration?

I am a great listener and pass no judgment on your sexual fancies and needs, you can literally tell me anything. Your deepest darkest fantasies, nothing is too taboo to discuss with me!

Let me be the one to show you how fun it can be to unleash your inner sexual beast!