I am a very sexual guy and have lots of energy to burn, that is a fact. I can get into all types of fantasy role play, edge play, age play, various fetishes, toys, tropes, etc

I am also very sensual, loving and sweet. I have a nurturing spirit that is warm, inviting, loving and caring.

On the flip side I can be quite aggressive, dominant, and intimidating for some. Like it rough? I have no problem inflicting the pain you crave and know you deserve. My light burns bright, yet equally black is my shadow.

First timer? Great! I love introducing newbies to the wonderful world of pleasure. We can go as easy and as slow as you want, you set the pace.

BDSM? You will address me as sir and follow my orders precisely, lest you receive serious punishment. No safety words with me, however I do respect boundaries and am a great communicator. I can be as rough as you want as long as we communicate effectively. I will not compromise your safety, but I will push your limits.

Love being fisted? I love to stretch holes slowly until they gape wide. Hole stretching is one of my favorite things, I have been fisting for a few years and know how to do it properly. It should be intensely pleasurable not painful!

I am a top by nature but I am comfortable bottoming on occasion as well.