Load Prince

Loads, loads, MORE LOADS! He unabashedly screamed into the starry night. The Fiery prince of The Fae wood North was in a frenzied and ecstatic state of sexual depravity and uncontrollable bliss. He was happily Seated in his selfish throne of unrelenting insatiable and carnivorous depravity.

It was his own version of a twisted eclipse like state; caught in a slow moving eye of totality blanketing the world in a momentary shadow. The skies taking on an unprecedented state of unexpected darkness. A wormhole of black that hurled through the delicate fabric of space and time.

Flying High in his own rite, he was charged up like one Tesla’s famous coils. He was ruefully enjoying the amazingly intoxicating high of his devious act. The electrical sensations expanding and contracting as a result of the multiple loads of semen that were buried deep within the shivering wet walls of his man cunt. His viscera twitched in delight and recoiled in fear at the same time or so it felt. He loved it.

Repositioning himself on his sex soiled silken sheets, he propped himself up on all fours. Holding his magnificent ass in the air, he pressed his face down in the pillow and awaited the next donor.

His beautiful round ass pointed towards the sky, it was quite a sight to behold. He slowly pulled his cheeks spread apart, exposing his wet fuck hole as it twinkled and shined, refracting back the sun’s light like a crystal shard. A small wet rivulet of cum slowly began to ooze down his perineum, until it dripped off of his low hanging balls.

The Horny Faery King and an Ogre

He slumped black comfortably in his throne at the base of the Magnificent elder tree. As let out a deeply sighed breath, the Faery King pondered on what was to be his next sexual adventure. It was royally important after all, since he was falling behind in his kingly societal duties as of late, in order to pursue more carnal desires which haunted him day and night.

No doubt his counsel was taking notice of his recent absences, as the king was an empathetic soul. He could feel them rolling their eyes behind their backs and more than noticed their passive aggressive tones of disapproval in their voices. It was not what they said that annoyed him, it was how they said it. It was clear their usually high morale to serve the king was compromised and it was quite evident to the fixated King.

“I’ve got to take care of this,” he murmured to himself as he sat back, his muscular legs spreading apart. He slowly began to massage his groin that was now growing quickly beneath his leaf pant garment. Stroking himself slowly upon his esteemed throne, he recalled a conversation with his best friend the day before.

The king kept most personal matters to himself as a display of strength but Braxel, his best friend knew everything. “Piggery!?” The shocked tone of Braxel’s voice was enough to discourage the king from further confession of his recent exploration of his shadow self. The king’s heart sank, and once again felt completely alone, shocked by the reaction of his usually non-judgmental comrade. Nobody truly understood the lonely King.

“If it is piggery the king wants, Piggery shall he get! Fuck all of you for not understanding your king’s desires,” he laughed at the tap of his scepter to the ground in royal proclamation.

And with that he flew off into the forest to indulge in one of his most daring sexual excursions to date. He had already decided that today was to be of extra dangerous pig behavior. He ventured past the safety of the forest canopy, across the open stretch of valley that laid beyond his kingdom. He was halfway across the golden valley of grass that swayed in the sunlit breeze when the earthly envelope appeared to him. There were the mysterious and much forbidden caves that housed beings unknown by most Faery folk. The caves occupied a dangerous place for Faery kind, for this was the line of polarity of light and dark in the Faery realm. The king himself never had the curiosity to explore these unknown lands until recently despite the obvious dangers of being killed and or eaten by gnomes, or worse: trolls.

“Just a peek inside isn’t going to kill me” the daring and muscular King thought out loud. He was after all the King of the Faeries. No Faery stood taller, stronger, or more endowed than he. He was also the fastest and most elusive Faery in the kingdom, another reason he held his title firmly without fear.

Much of the Faery king’s youth was quite dismal because of his unusual stature and build that made him different from the other Faery males of the kingdom. He always felt alone because of his towering presence, his muscular barrel chest and swollen muscles that stretched tightly over his large frame. His rippling pecs were a far cry from the usually thin build of a Faery male. His ass so round and firm like two large globes of flesh mounted to his tree trunk legs. To make matters worse, he was endowed with a cock so big that most faeries rejected him sexually for fear of being torn in half by his monstrous member.

He reminisced all of these things as he descended to the dark entrance of the mysterious cave. All of these memories reminded him why he was forced to find sexual satisfaction with other creatures and the frustration burned any fears of the unknown away like ash.

He crept on foot slowly through the dark abyss before him, his wings were too loud to allow him to fly. In the surrounding darkness he could see ahead enough to spot a dimly lit fire that made small amounts of light reflect off the obsidian cave walls. As he stealthily moved closer to the fire, he could hear the crackle of burning bark, and followed it’s smell along with the little light it provided. He slowly moved toward the fire and crouched down behind a rock formation some feet before the fire itself. It was then that he heard a familiar slick slapping sound of a wet hand furiously pumping cock. It was coupled with a most demonic and heavy rasp of  deep sexual breaths.

“An ogre” he whispered in a sudden grip of fear. The king’s sudden realization of being deep within an Ogre’s dwelling sent a shooting charge of adrenal fluid throughout his entire body. His sudden movement caused an erratic change in step which triggered a slight sound of gravel moving beneath his foot. Ogres have supreme hearing capability. He froze in cold sweat hearing the sudden reaction of the Ogre’s awareness of his presence.

“Who dares go there?!” The Booming voice of the Ogre echoed throughout the entire cave utterly terrifying the impulsive Faery King. His heart thudding in his chest as if it were trying to escape his rib cage. He did his best to collect all of his inner strength to give his most fearless sounding response he could muster. “ It is I, King Danevan of the noble Faery folk of the Forest!”

“BWAHAHAHAHA the Ogre laughed manically in a murderous tone. He jumped to his feet grabbing his largest and favorite battle bone to quickly dispatch such an intruder. “And what most daring and stupid Gall ye must possess to make wild claim, lest it be the king himself!” The ogre boomed as he traversed to the rock formation where the king was hiding. He could feel the intruder only steps away as he raised his weapon above his head. The death blow to be imminent as he launched himself over the formation of rock, and almost stopped mid air if such thing were possible. His fatal attack stopped instantaneously as he locked eyes with the most beautiful man creature he had ever laid eyes upon.

The Ogre’s feet shook the entire cave as he landed with a crushing thud only to find himself lowering his weapon to the ground. He was so completely spellbound he was unaware of the drool that was stringing down from the corner of his green mouth. He was completely stupefied in the presence of the glorious radiance of the Faery King.

The king’s fear quickly dissipated as he knew quite well how to read the reaction of the Ogre. It was almost laughable, for Ogre’s expression was no different than the River Nymphs that used to throw themselves at the king when he was a teen Faery. They were his first and easiest conquests as a young man but he quickly grew bored at their eager desires to compromise anything and everything for the Faery king.   The Ogre’s face was confirmation that he was just as stricken by the king’s sexual magnificence not unlike a common water nymph. It was very clear that the Ogre was completely spellbound by Danevan, the Faery King.

Ogre stood there frozen like ice as the King’s stare moved from Ogre’s glowing green eyes down to his gargantuan ogre dick that was completely erect and drooling precum like the corner of Ogre’s mouth. Ogre stood almost two feet taller than the King which made the King the perfect face level height to suck the Ogre’s enormous dick while fully standing.  Before the Gigantic green creature could ask the Faery King why he was there,  King Danevan gulped down the big ugly meat until it filled his throat entirely and his nose was tickled by the nestle of wiry and purple pubic hair. The stench of Ogre was so exciting. He began bobbing his head back and forth trying his hardest not to choke as hot tears streamed down his face. Breathing was only possible through his nose at that point. The King coughed and chortled through tears careful not to use teeth on the penis that could have easily dislocated or broken his Faery jaw. This was by far the largest phallus the King ever tasted and he loved it.

The ogre’s head slowly tilted in unexpected bliss towards the cave ceiling and quickly dropped his weapon to replace it by running his thick fingers through the fiery red hair of the King. He slowly guided the Faery’s head up and down through occasional gags that felt so good on his hard cock. The immense sensations of pleasure shot through Ogre as the King’s hungry mouth greedily bobbed up and down until it was almost unbearable for the Ogre to withstand.

The giant green brute quickly yanked King’s head off of his knob right before the point of climax, and without warning scooped up the Faery King’s frame effortlessly. Ogre was edged almost to the point of explosion.

The king had never been man handled with such ease it made him feel completely powerless to the Ogre, as it sent him over the edge with his fantastical submissive sexually charged urges.

Ogre dropped the King onto his mossy bed. The Faery knew exactly what to do and complied by getting into a position on all fours. Arching his back as much as he possibly could, he spread his radiant cheeks apart to expose the most beautiful and pink hole the Ogre ever could have hoped to behold. As he moved his face closer, the hole winked at him and he caught the exciting aroma of the Faery’s ass essence. He lapped up the hole hungrily with abandon, driven mad by the sugary sweet taste of the hole of the King Of the Faeries. The pink pucker was begging to be filled as the King moaned in submission readily open to receive the enormous green cock that would undoubtedly rearrange his rectum forever. Ogre spat on the wet glistening hole, and then spat on his cock that now felt so hard that it ached in pain. He gently slide the huge mushroom tip inside of the tightest hole he had ever felt. It was tight like a drum yet soft like  warm velvet. King yelped loudly as it kept sliding further and further into his gut. It was almost too much as it stretched through his second sphincter and the king shivered with both extreme pleasure and pain. He had no choice at this point but to surrender his body despite his growing fear as he felt his hole stretching to the brink of unbearable. It felt like forever for it to reach the hilt until the king was relieved to feel the slap of giant ogre balls against his much smaller testicles with a stinging slap. Ogre was merciful enough to hold it in deep and motionless so the Faery hole would obligingly acclimate to his enormous girth and depth. It was not long before extreme pleasure took the place of pain. Before either of them knew it they were furiously pounding into one another. The sexy sounds of balls slapping together  creating a rhythm that was increasing in a frenzied pace. Faster, deeper, harder the two creatures became one bound to each other in semen, sweat, and tears. Cave walls shook with the booming sounds of yelling deep male voices that could have been mistaken for the most gruesome murders. “I am going to CUUMMMMMMM” Ogre exclaimed so loud it hurt the Faery King’s ears in a sonic boom that rattled the cave. They both felt the hot rush of warm semen spewing into the King’s royal guts until he felt so full he thought we would vomit cum. His intestines were filled with Ogre spunk. The pulsating orgasm of Ogre was too much for the king and he too let out a yell that echoed as he released six ropes of glittering Faery jizz onto the Ogre’s bed. Still attached as one beast, they collapsed on each other the Ogre still balls deep in the king’s ass. Ogre immediately fells asleep pinning down the king under his weight and impaled on his cock. The king smiled through tears of joy as he too fell into the pleasure able after math of sleep. “Ogres are not evil!” Was his final thought before falling into a restful recovering slumber.

The end

Copyright Daniel Di Angelis 11/25/2017